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Intro of WUW Whatever You Want

Let's discover WUW in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Get started for WUW dApp.

What you'll need

  • A wallet like Metamask or a Email (Google, Discord).
  • You are ready

What you'll need​

You only need an email address, Google, Discord or a web3 wallet (Metamask, Rabby, Taho, …) to create an account and start using WuW

What you can do​

WUW dApp is fun. Cross-post content in Farcaster, Lens, and more integrations like X coming soon. You can create your project/brand, add links, create and participate in quests, and more! Participate in a community with challenge, group token-gated, room token-gated and more!

For brands and content creators:

  • Cross-post in Farcaster, Lens, X and more.
  • Create your brand, add links.
  • Create quests: Twitter, Discord, Lens, Farcaster. (More TBA).
  • Create posts into WUW.
  • Meeting and Stream with Video/Audio and screen share.
  • Chat group.
  • Token gated content.

For community members

  • Create your profile.
  • Join and support your favorite brands and content creators.
  • Create posts and engage with content creators and brand posts.
  • Participate in streams and meetings of your favorite content creators and brands.
  • Collect badges to build your profile and increase your rewards.
  • Tip your favorite content creators and brands.
  • Access token gated contents
  • Find early projects and community.
  • Donate to a company, community or Non-profit organization.
  • Participate in IDO and NFT sales (TBA).